Want to learn how to make Halal Makeup and Skin Care?

Peace be unto you dear!

learn to make halal makeup

After 8 years of formulating and handcrafting all of my halal, all natural and wudhu-friendly cosmetics, I have learned so much, and have so many ideas, and inspiration to create new skin care and makeup products, far more than I could produce in my shop, 

So it got me thinking to open up some classes, both for women that would like to create products for personal use, as well as possibly start their own business!

My favore thing about making skin care and makeup it that it's so empowering, 

you can take charge of your beauty routine, and it can help you get to the heart of your true beauty and how precious it is!

If this is something you would be interested in, please take a minute to fill out this survey to tell me more about your preferences!