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hijab summer days

With Summer here, we modest dressers need to figure out ways to be comfortable in the heat, so here are some of the things I have learned along this beautiful hijab-wearing journey that let me enjoy summer days :

silk hijab summer days

This is Habotai Silk, and not Silk Chiffon which i think can feel a little hotter. 

hijab hot days tips

Enough said. :)

hijab hot days tips

Wearing the right fabric plays a HUGE role in being comfortable outside, so stick to natural fibers like cotton, silk and linen.

Free back means more airflow...more airflow means happy hijabi!

Because you can't beat how the mineral powders can help you with the heat, while at the same time letting your skin breathe *win, win.


And here's a Hijab wearing tip that I have sort of realized lately, (and perhaps some of you that have been wearing hijab for longer than me know this, but I thought I'd share anyways): On hot days, I like to get have on what I am going to wear outside, for a while before I actually do go out, because by the time I go out my body is has already self-regulated it's temperature and I feel like I can handle the weather better...,in contrast, when I am inside wearing my hair out, with a tank top on, shorter pants, etc and it comes time to go out so I put everything on at once and leave, the change in clothes, paired with the heat, makes me really uncomfortable!, Does this apply to you? I am really curious to know if I am the only one that does this!

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