Ramadan is coming!

Posted by Claudia Cruz on


As someone who never fasted in her life, (and I am not talking only about the Islamic fast, I mean, ANY kind of fast, ) Ramadan to me use to be this humongous mountain that I was sure I was not going to be able to climb, and as each Ramadan approached, I had this sense of fear that somehow I would not survive it, that it would be an impossible feat, that somehow I would be the one person that was really not going to be able to do it....but then...Ramadan came, and the fasting started, and surprisingly I managed to not only do it, (And not collapse and suffer all the tragedies my mind was trying to convince me I was going to experience) but actually enjoy the process and benefit from it in a way that is beyond words, and the best thing that I believe Allah has granted me with each Ramadan, is a new sense of self-confidence, a "I-completed-Ramadan-so-I-can-do-anything" kind of feeling, because not only did I climb the humongous Ramadan mountain, I stopped to take in the scenery, got stronger along the way, reached the top as a better person and became closer to my creator....

Praying for a successful Ramadan 2018, may we get to see it and experience it, ameen! 

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